“What makes Sophy unique is that she won’t lie to you. Many lawyers will tell you want you want to hear because it’ll increase the amount of money you pay them. Sophy is quite the opposite. She successfully litigated my cases over the course of several years. This lengthy process was in no way her fault; it was because of the other party’s behavior. Thanks to Sophy’s representation, not only was I awarded not only 50/50 custody of my child, but I was awarded as the residential parent as well. She also litigated an end to my child support payments.

As I said above, she won’t lie to you. Many times I wanted to race to court for what felt like a HUGE deal to me at the time. She could have easily racked up a lot more fees by jumping in on my whim. Instead, she told me straight-up many times: it’s a big deal to you, but not to a judge who sees much worse every day. In hindsight, she was always correct. That’s not to say that she won’t be aggressive for you. When you have a legitimate point, she will defend you vigorously, as she did me. Nothing intimidates her, and I recommend her without hesitation.”