“What makes Sophy unique is that she won’t lie to you. Many lawyers will tell you want you want to hear because it’ll increase the amount of money you pay them. Sophy is quite the opposite. She successfully litigated my cases over the course of several years. This lengthy process was in no way her fault; it was because of the other party’s behavior. Thanks to Sophy’s representation, not only was I awarded not only 50/50 custody of my child, but I was awarded as the residential parent as well. She also litigated an end to my child support payments.

As I said above, she won’t lie to you. Many times I wanted to race to court for what felt like a HUGE deal to me at the time. She could have easily racked up a lot more fees by jumping in on my whim. Instead, she told me straight-up many times: it’s a big deal to you, but not to a judge who sees much worse every day. In hindsight, she was always correct. That’s not to say that she won’t be aggressive for you. When you have a legitimate point, she will defend you vigorously, as she did me. Nothing intimidates her, and I recommend her without hesitation.”


“Thank you so much for being patient with me through this difficult time. I really appreciate you representing me, and
lending your ear to listen.”


“I firmly believe that the Collaborative process, in which you each played a key role, is to be credited with a huge part of the success of our family milestone celebration. My ex and I have a cooperative, respectful and even friendly relationship moving forward as our children’s parents, and hopefully someday as grandparents!”


“On the day the Judge signed the paperwork giving my daughter full custody I was the one who told my granddaughter when I picked her up from school. She knew we were going to court that day. She started sobbing and flew into my arms. Once she was able to compose herself she looked up at me and said, “Grandma, these are happy tears. No one can ever take me away from you and Aunt Donna again.”

All of this is due to Sophya’s compassion, tenacity and her ability to listen and understand the situation. She never lost sight of the goal throughout the process, which was always to protect the child. Recently, I was able to introduce my granddaughter to Sophya. I told her that Sophya was the lady responsible for her being able to live with us permanently. She said, “Thank you.”

We will forever be grateful to Sophya for her hard work in protecting this little girl and making her life so wonderful.”


“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and Kayte’s and the rest of your staff for helping me
through this divorce process! I cannot thank you enough!”


“Thank you so much for your help with my divorce. It was a very easy process for an extremely painful part of my life.”


“Thank you so much for all of your help. And thanks to Sarah and Catie, who are both so wonderful.”


“Sophy has represented me in several legal proceedings. She knows the law, she knows her colleagues, and she knows how situations are typically handled. Her deep experience in family law gives her the ability to know where to focus her time and energy in the case. Sophy is sensitive to the stress of family law proceedings and maintains a calm and reasoned approach while aggressively representing her clients. I am a lawyer myself and have recommended her to many people. Sophy’s work yielded favorable outcomes in my cases and I felt attended to throughout the process. I hold her in the highest regard.”